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Martin Garrix In The Studio With Future Music

The music production process can sometimes seem like a mysterious process full of guarded industry secrets. In reality it isn’t – and today you can find all sorts of useful information around the web if you’re willing to do some digging. In this case, Future Music recently did another great interview – this time it was with Martin Garrix, the producer of “Animals.” Future Music does a great job getting to well known producers and uncovering their techniques – and if you’re into production, this is worth a view. Garrix talks about his process for creating the sounds and arrangement in Animals and reveals the software he uses. To be specific, the DAW he uses is FL Studio – his go to Synth is Sylenth, and he uses Izotope Ozone on his master bus.

Trippy Turtle – Wet

Here’s a recently released song by Trippy Turtle. His fusion of early 2000′s R&B with Jersey Club create a truly distinctive sound. Trippy Turtle is definitely onto something here – and as festival EDM and Trap continue to dominate the radio and club scene, it’s nice to hear dance music created with a different approach. Time will tell if and when traditional R&B will once again dominate the airwaves – but I’m willing to bet that if it does there will be a new production mashup approach.

Studio Rescue

For those who are interested in learning about optimizing acoustic treatment in your home studio, take a look at this great web series featuring Grammy winning Audio Engineer Francis Buckley. The series “Studio Rescue”, follows Buckley as he helps aspiring musicians analyze and treat the acoustics in their personal studios. There are some great bits of advise and information that are applicable to any studio space.

Right Now

The Origins of Moombahton

The Creators Project recently caught up with Dillon Francis and Diplo to discuss the origins and growth of the relatively new electronic sub-genre Moombahton. A hybrid of various genres, Moombahton has no immediate predecessor. Is it down-tempo Dutch House or Electronic Reggaeton? You be the judge. There is no clear definition yet the mass appeal and “freshness” of the new sound are creating waves in the EDM community.

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