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The Origins of Moombahton

The Creators Project recently caught up with Dillon Francis and Diplo to discuss the origins and growth of the relatively new electronic sub-genre Moombahton. A hybrid of various genres, Moombahton has no immediate predecessor. Is it down-tempo Dutch House or Electronic Reggaeton? You be the judge. There is no clear definition yet the mass appeal and “freshness” of the new sound are creating waves in the EDM community.


Articulation will be a music post/blog dedicated to the discovery of new and inspiring musical compositions. As a songwriter and producer, I am constantly searching for the latest musical arrangement and production techniques. With the intent to help expose new production methods and ideas, the purpose of Articulation will be to share truly original compositions that are at the creative forefront of their genres.

To start off, here are a series songs that I have recently found to be creatively relevant to modern production techniques.

The Craft (Episode 4) – Featuring Kaskade

This is the Craft’s interview with DJ/Producer Kaskade. In the short documentary Kaskade discusses his beginnings as a nightclub DJ in Salt Lake City and his transition into music production and songwriting.

Kaskade – Dynasty (DJ Timeless, Sean Wilson Remix)

Here is the inaugural unofficial release from 4/4 Beats (Record Label) produced by myself and Sean Wilson. It is a remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” featuring Haley. We are currently working with a number of independent artists and musicians on music to be released at the Winter Music Conference 2010. For information please visit

Serato and Ableton Present “The Bridge”

Ableton and Serato — two of the biggest names in live music production — have been working in stealth mode over the past year to create what they’ve been billing as “the future of digital DJing,” and today that new product has been revealed as The Bridge. Basically, you’ve got a thin layer of software that sits between full versions of both Serato Live (or Itch) and Ableton Live that allows output from both products to flow into the other — DJ sets can be imported into Ableton with full control over effect parameters, tempo, pitch, and so on, and Ableton instruments can sit inside a Serato session. It’s an interesting advancement, and the way the companies are talking, this is just the first in a string of products of the partnership; the good news is that The Bridge will be free to owners of both products, but unfortunately there’s no release date yet, so raves are going to have to soldier on using last year’s technology for at least a while longer. Hang tight, we’re told it’s “coming soon.”

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