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Month: November 2009

9180 and Timeless on Hazard Garage 11-24-09

Thanks to Fire Hazard Garage for Having myself and 9180 featured on their weekly show. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to being there again next Tuesday night!

9180: 0:00-20:00
Timeless: 23:00- 2:00:00

The Records Keep Spinning

Courtesy of A Trak and Glenjamn

Bing Crosby’s


Reason Sound Design

An excellent way to beef up your music is by creating or adding effects to your sounds. Here a series of sound design video tutorials created by a DJ/Producer by the name of “Lucky Date”. I highly recommend taking a look. His tutorial style and information are up-to-date, clear and more detailed than most other tutorials I’ve seen. If you’re using Reason, Native Instruments or an similar virtual synthesizer, these tutorials will be useful.

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